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Sorry about the lack of posts here but I've been very busy recently - I had to use up my remaining holiday time at work before the end of March so I've had three and a half weeks off. What have I been doing? Bugger all but eating junk and playing games.

Anyway, if you can just spare a minute I'll let you know about some pretty important news regarding myself and my YouTube channel.

I've got three videos coming up over the next few days (they'll all be online by the Thursday). One is a proper review of some software called CrazyTalk - it's got to be done with some sort of proper style because it's not exactly cheap, not to mention the fact that the publishers whom gave me the full version keep asking where my promised video is; I asked for a copy and promised to review it so I'm going to get it done in the next couple of days. What is CrazyTalk? Well, I made this horrific stuff of nightmares with it:


Lisa Stansfield. Possibly yesterday. *shudder*




If you want to find out more about CrazyTalk then drop on over to their website by clicking here (it'll open in a new tab / window). This video's going to be a real treat because there's going to be a right special cameo in it - Kylie Minogue anyone?


Would? Wood?

Second and third videos are slightly related in that they're going to be a couple of reviews of two really rather good games from the same publisher. What genre? Bridge building games! Yes, the first one is going to be Bridge Project (there's a free demo at that link too) and the second is Bridge It (again, another free demo from that link). Bridge It, despite its almost exact same name as the really quite rubbish old 8-bit Amstrad CPC464 game is also attempting to be the first bridge building game to be able to buy via Steam. If you've got a minute or two then please go and vote for it via Steam's Greenlight scheme...I have.


This is NOT the Bridge It that I recommend - this Bridge-It is dire.

And now for the biggy!

I've got a few competitions coming up. The prizes, at the moment, are games. Alas, they're just for Windows right now and are redeemable via Steam only but hey, even I can't do everything. I'm still working on the nature of the competitions but the first one will be for really rather excellent Just Cause 2. Yep, the full game. It's currently in my top five list of favourite games right now and believe me, I know about games. Hell, I'm Gaming Mill - what don't I know?!


Just Cause 2. You could actually win this! Why? Just cause! (Cheers Ron for that!)




I've also got a couple of Steam keys for Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, again for Windows, that I'll be giving as competition prizes in the not too distant future. It's probably the best multiplayer kart games available for Windows right now. People have argued with me about this, saying that 'nothing beats Mario Kart' - they forget, this is for Windows! Some people. Anyway, whilst a few people on Twitter and Facebook have asked me about the nature of these competitions I'm actually still working on ideas but trust me; they will be as fair as possible.


Oh, if anyone publisher / developer wants to donate a game for future competitions, please feel free to contact me.


Anyway, that's all for now and thanks for reading. Don't forget to spread the word to people about Gaming Mill and I'll end this with another pic of Kylie.






She still looks not a day over 16.



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