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Where do I buy my games from is a question I am seldom asked but I feel I should answer it nevertheless.


Many moons ago (yes, I still count time in moons - imagine THAT as watch concept; it'd throw Apple's rumoured iWatch out the window, I can tell you) I used to love walking into town and visiting my local independent game retailer. He'd stock all manor of games, be it from second hand to the latest releases for PC and on just about all of the (then) popular consoles. It was a nice little shop where you could go in, buy a can of Coke and have a chat and a look at games. The owner would even let you try before you buy which isn't something you'd expect to be able to do have done in Woolworths. A strange thing that I never did understand is why he'd balance the game cases on their sides with a diagonal viewing angle; one clumsy slip putting the case back onto the shelf would result in an impressive but somewhat embarrassing replica of a scene from the advert from Domino Alley Action Alley:


I couldn't be bothered to actually search for the right video. Oh

and whilst I'm on the subject of old adverts, can anyone, anyone,

remember Kangaboom? I swear it once existed and I didn't just dream it.


Unfortunately and, as bad harmonica player Bob Dylan once put it, The Times They Are a-Changin'. Hell, my latest computer doesn't even have an optical drive. Now I get my games completely digitally. There is one site that I always turn to before buying any game though, and that's IsThereAnyDeal.com - as the slogan says on their site, 'When the price is right, you'll play all night'...which isn't strictly true if you work a night shift because if you did, you'll no doubt be fired on the spot. Anyway, have a look there - I've found some excellent bargains because of them, not to mention they keep a list of the top offers and bundles at the top of the page.


Most of my games are downloaded via Steam but I seldom buy them directly from the Steam store unless they're on sale. Usually you can find them a lot cheaper elsewhere and I suppose my favourite online retailer of choice has to be Green Man Gaming. Not only do their prices usually beat the Steam store's by a decent if not considerable margin but they often have discount codes that typically offer 20% to 25% off your purchase at the checkout too. Check them out HERE.


Inside a typical Forbidden Planet yesterday.


Well, what became of my little local independent game retailer? He tried shifting his focus to second-hand DVDs. When that didn't quite work as expected he moved into Warhammer 40K stuff and second-hand Star Wars action figures territory. When that didn't work? Marvel and DC comics. In the end his shop looked like some sort of trashy knock-off of a Forbidden Planet (and that's pretty hard to do when you see what an actual Forbidden Planet shop really looks like inside). Well, that all failed in the end and he tried no end of progressions that saw little to no success. Currently he sells memory foam mattresses and 'marital sex aids'.


He's still got the same shop though.


Give them a go and support Gaming Mill a bit!

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I know this was a long time ago you posted it but i too remember Kangaboom! i had one, i can't find any trace of it online either but know, you're not alone!
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