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Noel's nightmare / My dream

For those that may not remember much about it the year 2012 was memorable for many reasons. Whether it be Megaupload being shut down in January of that year or the fact that Noel Edmonds did something weird to his beard colour to make him look like some sort of peroxide-headed Master from Doctor Who, it cannot be denied that the highlight of the year was when I released my number 1 none-seller hit Christmas single, A Gaming Mill Christmas (still available to buy!)


Free and really simple to sign up to

A number of people from YouTube ,  Facebook and Twitter seem somewhat puzzled as to how I got it released onto iTunes in the first place (and a number of other outlets - Spotify etc.) without having any sort of record label behind me...in fact, some people still seem somewhat puzzled how I managed to sell just over six copies in the first place with no discernible music talent. Here I'll tell you how simple it was.


Just sign up to TuneCore (link here!) That's it. It's free to sign up to and from there you just upload your stuff. To release a single through a hefty number of different places only costs $9.99 or just $29.99 for an album. They've got different pricing structures for all different needs.


How come this didn't make it to number 1 in the charts?

With this is mind I'm going to take my own music to the next level and hopefully have my own full album out by the summer, starting with some little teaser singles - A Gaming Mill Valentine's Day, A Gaming Mill Easter, A Gaming Mill 4th July, A Gaming Mill Saturday and A Gaming Mill Laundry Day; it should be a real treat!


So, if you're a budding musician or you've got a band and you're looking for a cheap and simple outlet to sell your music, give TuneCore a go...you can't go far wrong.

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